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Color Rush Hayden Hurst Jersey
On Thursday night Color Rush Hayden Hurst Jersey , John Elway gave no thought to picking a quarterback at No. 10 (when he traded down) or No. 20. On Friday night, Elway changed his thinking.And quarterback Joe Flacco may not think much of that.For the second straight year, Flacco becomes the veteran who inevitably will be supplanted by a rookie. In 2018, the Ravens took Lamar Jackson with the last pick in the first round. In 2019, the Broncos nabbed Drew Lock with pick No. 42.“I don’t really care about whether they take a quarterback or not,” Flacco said recently. “Whether it’s 10 or whatnot, the only thing I care about is, like I said, I want this team to be as good as they can with me at quarterback. If we feel like as a team and an organization that we can add value to our team at the 10th pick, then I’m all for getting a guy that can add value to the team with me as the understood quarterback. At the end of the day Hayden Hurst Jersey Boys , it is what it is.”He’d reiterate that cliche later in the same set of comments.“It is what it is,” Flacco said. “I want to get this team to be the best it is with me at quarterback position. Obviously, that is not of most importance to draft a quarterback. But if we do, that’s completely out of my control. I’m going to go out here, and I’m going to compete, and he’s going to have to come out here and be on the field with me every day, too. I’m all ready for that.”As of earlier tonight, what it is is that the Broncos have indeed added Drew Lock. And while the Broncos may not feel compelled to rush Lock into the lineup, any injury to Flacco that opens the door for Lock could in turn give Lock a chance to keep the job, like Jackson did a year ago. After an absolutely smothering performance by Baltimore’s defense in a 26-16 victory over Atlanta Cheap Hayden Hurst Jersey , one player stood out in the midst of stellar performances across the secondary. When the Ravens selected cornerback Marlon Humphrey out of Alabama with the 16th pick in the 2017 draft, many fans questioned the decision when other Alabama products such as O.J. Howard, Jonathan Allen, and Reuben Foster were surprisingly still available. Thirteen weeks into Humphrey’s second year, however, he has become one of the top young corners in the game. This was proven with his performance on Sunday against the Falcons.Former league MVP Matt Ryan was held to just 131 passing yards against Baltimore, in large part due to Humphrey. Cornerback Jimmy Smith covered Julio Jones for most of the game, shutting him down to a mere two catches for 18 yards, but Humphrey’s zero completions allowed and multiple pass deflections earned him MVP. Rookie receiver Calvin Ridley was a fan-favorite prospect for the Ravens in the last draft. Humphrey matched up with Ridley on several occasions, effectively taking him out of the game. The video below shows the type of day Humphrey had against Atlanta. On 3rd-and-5 Custom Hayden Hurst Jersey , Ryan threw a perfect pass to Ridley, but typical of Humphrey to never give up on a play, he was able to knock the ball out, forcing an incompletion.Humphrey finished the day with two deflections and zero passes allowed on three targets. Humphrey is one of the most physical corners in the NFL, punching the ball out of receivers hands on a consistent basis. With the Ravens potentially moving on from Smith this offseason, Humphrey playing like a top cornerback is a great sign for the secondary moving forward.

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